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Report of Executive Board of Directors

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Three lines of defence model

Bouwinvest has organised Risk Management according to the three lines of defence model. The roles and high-level risk responsibilities are described for each of the lines.

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Bouwinvest Risk Universe and Taxonomy

To achieve an integrated approach to risk management, all the risks Bouwinvest is exposed to must be uniformly defined. To this end, Bouwinvest drew up a Risk Taxonomy that has been approved by the Executive Board of Directors.

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Bouwinvest sees integrity, transparency and corporate social responsibility and important prerequisites to achieving its business objectives.

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Main Fund risks

The value of the shares in the Fund is dependent on developments in the financial markets and real estate markets. The Fund considers the following risk factors of relevance for investments in this Fund.

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Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring risks is embedded in the daily activities of the responsible line manager and is an integral part of the planning and control cycle.

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