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Report of Executive Board of Directors

Sustainability performance

At Bouwinvest, we believe that we cannot ensure long-term successful investments without taking the needs of society into account, as the two are inextricably linked. To make sure we are making the maximum effort to ensure healthy societal and financial returns, we monitor our investment and operational performance using the internationally accepted GRESB benchmark.

Highlights sustainability performance 2019

  • We improved our GRESB score by five points (total 84 points) and retained our GRESB 4-star rating

  • 100% of our investments have GPR Building certificates with an average score of 6.4 for the total portfolio

  • 100% green label portfolio with an average energy index of 1.17; 42.5% with energy label A

  • Installed a total of approx. 9,201 kWp in solar panels

  • In 2019, we realised a 2.2% like-for-like reduction of energy consumption and a 10.3% increase of GHG emissions

  • 237 rental contracts with a sustainability clause

  • 38.1% of our construction sites are registered under the Considerate Constructors Scheme ('Bewuste Bouwer')

  • 610 homes acquired in the mid-priced rental segment (€ 720 - €1,000)

Highly sustainable Fund

In 2019, the Fund retained its GRESB 4-star rating and increased its overall score by five points, taking it the total score 84 points from 79 points in 2018, putting us well on track to achieve a 5-star rating ahead of schedule in 2020. This also resulted in a substantially better peer comparison position, to 6th out of 16 in 2019 from 9th out of 13 in 2018. The improvement of the score is based primarily on three items that improved compared to 2018: Risk & Opportunities, Monitoring & EMS and Performance Indicators. To achieve a GRESB 5-star rating, we will continue to increase our focus on Policy & Disclosure, Stakeholder Engagement, Monitoring & EMS and Performance Indicators.

Continued improvement of the Fund’s sustainability performance

Plan on continued improvement of the Fund's sustainability performance

Annual improvement of overall GRESB score

+5 points (84/100),
4 out of 5 star rating.

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