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Focus on sustainability

The built environment consumes around 40% of the world’s energy and accounts for up to 30% of the world’s annual GHG emissions. Additionally, the building industry is a large user of raw materials.

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Critical success factors (vervalt)

The critical success factors in achieving our investment objective and implementing our investment strategy are active asset management, customer service, strategic relationship management and collaboration with PropTech start-ups and scale-ups.

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Investments and divestments

The Fund made no acquisitions in 2019 and invested in the redevelopment and optimisation of the quality of the Fund’s assets. The size of the Fund's total portfolio stood at € 1 billion at year-end 2019 compared with € 747 million at year-end 2018.

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Financial performance

The Fund realised a total return of 20.3% in 2019 (plan: 7.2%; 2018: 11.4%), almost entirely driven by a higher capital growth than forecast, which came in at 17.7% (plan: 4.5%; 2018: 9.1%), while the income return came in at 2.3% (plan: 2.7%; 2018:

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Sustainability performance

At Bouwinvest, we believe that we cannot ensure long-term successful investments without taking the needs of society into account, as the two are inextricably linked.

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