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Society and our organisation

Our role in society

Bouwinvest believes financial and social returns go hand in hand. By investing in better and more sustainable real estate, we make a positive contribution to well-being and health. And that in turn is good for the stability of our financial returns. These are the areas that people will still want to live, work, shop and stay in the future.


We enhance pension benefits by investing responsibly in sustainable real estate worldwide.


The future of institutional real estate investment managers will be determined by both financial and social returns. This is because in a period of low interest rates and low coverage rates, pension funds and insurance firms are looking for alternative investment opportunities. At the same time, investors expect a great deal more from real estate investment managers than just financial returns.

Investors are faced with a growing global population, climate change, continuing urbanisation, rapid technological developments and the call for more transparency. By investing in all real estate sectors, an investment manager can make a positive contribution to people’s well-being and by doing so generate social returns.

Given ongoing globalisation, we believe in the power of a global approach with a local focus on collaboration. Our organisation is both large and small at the same time. We are large enough to make a difference in the markets in which we operate, and small enough to know and serve our clients personally.

Our impact on society

Bouwinvest uses a value creation model. This helps us to gain insight into which financial, social and human capital we use, how we add value to that capital and what value this ultimately creates for society. This involves both financial and non-financial value. Gaining insight into the value we create helps our company to reflect on the impact we have on society and then act appropriately, all in a fully integrated manner.

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